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Human In Motion offers variety of career opportunities to associate with us.

A Career in Personal Training Can Be Exciting For those looking for a career in personal training if you have what it takes and receive the proper certification, you can be working in a short period of time. A career in personal training does take some knowledge, insight and practical real life experience, however, for those who have always been interested in helping others live a healthier lifestyle or achieve maximum performance personal training can be an excellent opportunity.It should be noted that not just anyone will excel at a career in personal training; one must have certain personality traits that are conducive to this profession. For instance, people who do well in a career in personal training include those who are good listeners, those who can motivate individuals and those who are good at encouraging and nurturing others. It should be noted that you don't have to look like a professional body builder to be effective in a career in personal training, however living a healthy lifestyle does help when being a role model to others.

Certification that is Necessary for a Career in Personal Training In order to excel at a career in personal training you should receive your international personal train This is an extremely important part of the process. While there are many organizations that offer personal training certifications, we highly recommend NCCA accredited certifying organisations like ACE, ACSM, NSCA. Being certified by the right organization can assist in furthering your career in personal training. Ask us for guidance, and we will be glad to help!

Start Your Career in Personal Training Today For those interested and excited in a career in personal training, it is easier than ever to get started. You can literally start today, by signing up for your personal training certification and getting coaching and guidance from us. Whether you already have experience in the fitness industry, or just have a very strong interest, you can achieve your goals of a career in personal training in a short period of time and affordably with our help. We can even help you get your first job!

SOME MORE INFORMATION TO REMEMBER! Motivation: In addition to providing ongoing expert advice and instruction about effective training for a client, a major part of the personal trainer's job is motivating the client to stick with a training regimen. Motivation, like other aspects of exercise, is a personal issue: what works for one client may not work for another. Developing strategies to keep each client interested and motivated will often be as important as designing the exercise program.

Leadership Qualities: Exercise leadership by the personal trainer is an important factor in adherence and motivation. Some of the qualities of an effective exercise leader include the following:

Punctuality and dependability about scheduling sessions and communicating with the client. This includes being regularly prepared for training sessions.

Professionalism in dress, behavior, and demeanor. This means treating clients with respect and letting them know (through actions as well as words) that you take the trainer-client relationship seriously. It also means respecting the client's privacy and the confidentiality of what is shared as part of the trainer- client relationship.

Dedication to the exercise training endeavor, as demonstrated through putting continual effort into making training sessions fun, rewarding, safe, and educational. Trainers should be working as hard in their capacity as clients are expected to work in their exercise sessions.

Willingness to plan ahead for things that may interfere with a training session and preparing the client, as much as possible, for any breaks that may occur.

Sensitivity to each client's past experiences, current preferences and current and future needs. This means providing a regular means for evaluating the client's performance as well as your own, and being open to suggestions and alternatives that may enhance training sessions.

A commitment to seek additional education for professional growth, which includes keeping abreast of the latest scientific information about physical activity as well as current exercise fads about which your client may have questions.

Presenting oneself as a role model for both exercise training and other areas of health.

Taking responsibility for problems that may arise in the course of helping clients reach their exercise goals.

Forming with each client a partnership in the exercise experience, which includes having the client play an active role in the training program and any decisions that may be needed to pursue the exercise training goals.