Gym consulting By Technogym Master Trainer In India

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Gym consulting By Technogym Master Trainer In India

GYM consulting and Placement

An Evolving and Inspired Industry
Many entrepreneurs venture into the fitness and wellness industry because they are passionate about health and fitness themselves and want to share that passion with others. What makes the industry so inviting and exciting is:
It is an industry with meaning. It positively affects the health and wellness of those it touches and provides entrepreneurs and those that work in the industry the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives.
It is constantly evolving and changing. New programs, services and equipment are being introduced continuously making it a dynamic industry that is fun and intellectually stimulating.

Providing Guidance in Developing and Opening New Health and Fitness Clubs
So, you’re thinking about starting a fitness business from scratch. You may or may not be a fitness fanatic, but you’ve either dreamed about getting into the business for years or you think the time is right and it would provide a great opportunity to share your passion, impact the lives of others, and/or make money. The challenge is, you have never worked in the industry or maybe, never owned your own business, and you’re wondering what challenges you’ll face. There is a lot to starting and operating a fitness business. Primary challenges include:

  • Developing a vision and business plan that makes sense;
  • Finding the right location;
  • Raising the capital;
  • Keeping building and start-up costs in line;
  • Attracting and retaining customers;
  • Hiring and retaining the right people;
  • Developing systems that ensure resources are optimized, the business runs efficiently, and customers feel taken care of;
Obtaining the knowledge!
Experience has taught us that the best way for a new health club to succeed is to start off on the right foot. Given the challenges, our menu of start-up services includes:

The HIM Difference
Our extensive experience enables us to help entrepreneurs make their venture a success from the day the doors open. Our consultants have worked in the fitness industry for decades, are experts in their fields and bring a range of experience and knowledge to every project. Together we bring expertise in the areas of business planning and development, feasibility analysis, design and build-out, financial analysis and management, programming, operations, sales and marketing, customer service, and human resources. We know the questions to ask and are equipped to answer those questions and assist you in developing solutions to problems that arise as you begin the process of starting your business.
Our approach to consulting is framed by strong collaboration between our clients and us. The ultimate goal of our work is to provide a launching point for our client’s vision and a road map for the future that results in success over the long term.

Profit Analysis & Planning
Too often health clubs simply don’t have the time, experience or tools to truly think about the bottom line. Is the club profitable and, if not, what can be done to turn things around? The HIM team has the time, experience and tools to help you make sure you operate a profitable successful business.

Sales & Marketing
There have been health club marketing consultants since the beginning, but upon closer inspection, much of what is being offered focuses on short-term direct marketing packages. Our team of experts will help you identify what your competitive position should be and how you can most effectively exploit that advantage among a variety of cost-effective, measurable marketing tools. We’ll also make sure your membership and personal training teams have the skills and tools they need to identify customer needs and close sales.

Leading Change and Organizational Transformation
Does everyone on your team share the same vision, mission and core values? Do you all work together to reach goals, deliver the best service possible, and get the financial results desired? Do you want to transform your business and make it more effective? Our consultants know how to do just that! We get people at all levels to work together around a shared vision, resulting in a work environment focused on inspiration, accountability, consistency and the accomplishment of shared goals.

Operational Efficiencies
Traditionally, independent health club operators have a good handle of their day-to- day operations. However, we have found that a periodic external review of a club’s operations offers a fresh perspective on operating and staffing adjustments that will contribute to greater efficiencies translating to an improved bottom line. The TAG team has years of hands-on operational and management experience and can very quickly identify often simple changes that can immediately positively impact your club’s operation. Equipment Procurement
For over 15 years, Our consultants have outfitted clients with millions of rupees in capital equipment. We know our clients want the best fit, function and price when equipping their facility which often means working with multiple suppliers. With our volume purchasing power, we provide a one stop shopping experience for convenience and exceptional service. From delivery and installation, to providing equipment maintenance recommendations we take care of the details as your facility takes shape.
We have been successful in set up and installation of gyms and fitness facilities for high end gyms, corporate gyms (UFLEX LTD, INDIA), government department and defense establishments (Air Force Golf club and Army Sport Institute).

Through our Equipment Procurement services we work for you to:

  • Secure discount price quotes
  • Coordinate all procurement activities for ordering, delivery, and installation
  • Consolidate invoicing for convenient purchasing
  • Document equipment preventative maintenance schedules and procedures necessary to uphold applicable warranties

Get access to an entire network of internationally certified health and wellness professionals from Indian fitness industry who follow the Industry standard and aim to surpass the quality expected from a typical International Club. Our experienced veterans from the industry have guidelines setup to ensure only the best are recruited for your Gym or Studio. Contact Us today to see how we can help you!

International Certified Personal Trainers, Group Ex Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Physical Therapists
We have tie-ups and collaborations with leading Gyms and Studios in India which require from time to time International certified fitness professionals and other health care providers in the field of Health, Fitness and Wellness . If you would like to come on board our list of approved vendors, contact us today to enrol!